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We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why at Robinson Oil we specialize in crafting fuel management reporting tailored to fit your company’s needs. The benefit to your company is meaningful, streamlined information that highlights inefficiencies and makes your accounting processes simpler!

After secure login, you have access to current account information:

  • Customized Invoicing and Fleet Management Reports can be transferred via email or electronically to your companies accounting and fleet management software.
  • Transaction Details – Data is downloadable to your fleet management software, and includes driver ID, number of gallons purchased, fuel grades, odometer entries and dates and times giving you detailed reports of your company’s fueling data.
  • Consolidated Fuel management reports – Summarizes your historical purchasing data based on your criteria.
  • Tax Summary – Summaries tell you exactly how much your company spent on fuel taxes in each state, county or jurisdiction, making filing for refunds and tax reporting easier and more convenient.
  • Card List – View your cards, profile and driver ID.
  • Invoices – can be viewed in PDF, printed and automatically archived for you to view whenever you need.
  • Exception Reports/Unusual Activity Report – Exception reports give the fleet manager the option to receive an e-mail or fax when a card reaches pre-determined settings, usually close to the gallon limit or the number of times fueling per day.