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If your business demands fleet fueling, demand Robinson Oil Corporation. Since 1938, we have been helping fleets design and implement fuel purchasing policies and management systems designed to lower the total cost of fueling. We provide fuel management solutions for small to large business fleets, over-the-road transportation companies, and government agencies.

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Customer Service (408) 327-4390
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Program Overview

Robinson Oil Corporation has been a prime innovator in the petroleum industry for 80 years. ROC’s Commercial Fueling program offers fleet customers specific features designed to help manage and reduce fleet fueling expenses.

The three “C’s” of the commercial fueling business are Convenience, Control and Customer Service. Robinson Oil is proud to offer nationwide and local fueling services with all three in mind. We offer our commercial customers what they need: easy access to convenient fueling locations with controlled, secure fuel sources. We even throw in a fourth C – Competitive Pricing.

Our customers have the ability to fuel their fleet at over 200,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada thanks to ROC’s affiliation with the nations three largest commercial fueling networks:

  • Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling
  • CFN Commercial Fueling Network
  • FleetWide

Whether you’re a fleet of one or 20,000, Robinson Oil Corporation is dedicated to meeting your fueling needs.