About Us: Rotten Robbie in a Nutshell
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Rotten Robbie is an independent, private brand marketer of fueling stations and convenience stores.  We have 35 stores throughout Northern California, primarily in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Rotten Robbie is owned and operated by Robinson Oil Corporation, a fourth generation family business headquartered in Santa Clara.Our headquarters building in Santa Clara

Although Rotten Robbie would like to own oil wells and refineries, we, unfortunately, must survive solely on our ability to operate stations and convenience stores profitably.  Rotten Robbie’s success over the years stems from our ability to sell high volumes of fuel at competitive prices.  We work hard to run an efficient operation while emphasizing clean stores and friendly service.  Employees are always the key to success and that’s definitely the case at Rotten Robbie.  We pride ourselves on the long tenure of many of our employees.

Our convenience stores vary in size from very small kiosks to large stores with beer caves and fresh pastries.  We sell unleaded gasoline and ultra low sulfur diesel at all locations.  Some locations sell K-2 Kerosene and Propane in bulk, and four offer Touch Free Car Washes.  We sell the same quality products as the big guys, without charging the “big guy” prices.

In addition to retail services, we serve commercial customers through our affiliation with the Pacific Pride and CFN Fleet Fueling Networks.  Pacific Pride and CFN cards are accepted at most Rotten Robbie locations.  Please go to our Commercial Fueling page for more information.

The Early Days

Robinson Oil Corporation began as Mathson Petroleum Company circa 1938 in Watsonville, California.  We say circa because we’re not positive about the date.  If we thought we were going to last this long, we would have paid more attention.  William L. Mathson, Sr. started the company, and sold it to his son-in-law, Don Robinson in the early 1950s (again, we are not sure about the date).  Don Robinson moved the company to San Jose in 1964 changed the name to Robinson Oil.  A partnership was formed in 1971 with another long time San Jose company, Coast Oil Company.  Coast Oil was founded by Herb Richards, whose claim to fame was having the first Norcal self-service gasoline station in 1948.

We adopted the Rotten Robbie name in 1973. We’ve never operated like big oil companies with huge budgets to focus group their brand names. The “Rotten Robbie” moniker was a fun (and inexpensive) way to have a name customers would remember and associate with our competitive fuel prices and well-run stores.  Rotten Robbie seemed to work, so we continue to be Rotten Robbie today, and hopefully well into tomorrow.

Rotten Robbie Vision

The Rotten Robbie vision is to be known as a good company as measured by our employees, customers, community, neighbors, vendors, and owners.  The mission for our employees and owners is to meet the expectations of all of the groups listed above. Some days, quite frankly, we do a better job than others.  Generally, we take constructive comments well, so please let us know if we’ve been (or haven’t been) a good company in your eyes.