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How do I join the Saver Club?

Ask for a card at any Rotten Robbie location or we can mail you one if you contact us at 408-327-4300 or at comments@rottenrobbie.com.

Is the Saver Club safe?

The Saver Club is an ACH debit product that is linked to your checking account. Banking security regulations make ACH safer than many other forms of payment.

I need to change something in my Saver Club account

Please contact the financial services company that handles the Saver Club at 877-403-2222 or online at https://rottenrobbie.poweredbyzipline.com/

I lost my Saver Club card!

Pick up a new card at any Rotten Robbie location or we can mail you one if you contact us at 408-327-4300 or at comments@rottenrobbie.com.

Why don't I get a discount using credit cards other than the Saver Club?

The Saver Club is an ACH program that doesn’t have the transaction processing fees charged by credit card companies. This allows us to pass along the savings to our Saver Club users (see how we came up with the name?). If you want to save up to 10¢ a gallon, join the Saver Club. It’s free!

Why is there a limit on how much I can charge?

Each card issuer has a rule that limits the dollar amount our customers can pump during a pay at the pump transaction. This is set by financial services companies, not by us. We know running two transactions to fill large gas tanks isn’t fun, but we don’t control the fraud protection rules.

Mobile payment isn't working!

Grab a screenshot of any error message received to help with troubleshooting. Payment problems almost always need a financial services company to assist. We may be able to help, but if it requires any account specifics, direct contact with the Saver Club or credit card company is needed for security reasons. We can tell you if it’s an app error or a payment issue.

What is my app PIN for mobile pay?

You should’ve received a PIN when your Saver Club account was approved. If you didn’t receive one – or if you can’t find it – please contact 877-403-2222 for a new PIN.

My PIN isn’t working in the app

Which PIN is it? There is a PIN to log into the app and a PIN needed to use the Saver Club.

If the PIN issue is coming up at the payment step, make sure you’re using your Saver Club PIN. If you’ve lost your PIN or cannot remember it, call 877-403-2222 for help. We cannot change your PIN for you; it’s a security issue for everyone’s benefit.

The app is misbehaving!

It’s like the old advice, “did you try unplugging it?” Please restart the app and regularly restart your phone to refresh. Make sure you have your location turned on to allow the app to recognize that you are at one of our stations. If you still have problems, contact us at comments@rottenrobbie.com.

Do you collect personal data in your app?

Thank you for thinking we’re savvy enough to do this! We personally do not store any app data. Please note that if linked to a third party, those may have different policies. Always read the digital agreements for information.

Can I delete my app data?

Privacy Policy

The Rotten Robbie app collects name, email, and transaction history if using mobile payment. All data collected through the Rotten Robbie app is encrypted and never sold.
To request your data or request the data be deleted, open the app, then go to app settings to general settings to security. The options are to request an account archive, permanently delete your account or withdraw consent. You will be asked to enter your PIN to verify user identity.
For additional help, contact us at comments@rottenrobbie.com.

Why is there sometimes a hold on my debit or credit card after using it at the pump?

When using pay at the pump, we send a pre-authorization request to your bank to make sure there are funds available to cover your fuel purchase. Once the sale completes, we send a file to your bank with the final charge and a request that they remove the pre-authorization. Some banks choose to ignore our request to remove the pre-authorization and may leave the hold on your account for a few business days. Occasionally, banks will erroneously tell customers that the merchant is holding your funds, but we are not. Rotten Robbie only collects funds for the actual transaction amount and does not hold your funds. Don’t want to see a hold on your account? Sign up for the Rotten Robbie Saver Club card.

Why the name Rotten Robbie?

We wanted a catchy name and played off the nickname “Robbie” of Don Robinson, one of our founders. Calling ourselves Rotten Robbie was a fun way to help customers remember our name. We promise that we’re only rotten to our competitors…our customers love us!

Do you sell swag?

Heck yeah! Got a rotten friend named Rob who needs a hat? We’ve got it! You don’t need to be named Robbie, Rob, Robert, or Roberto to represent Rotten Robbie. Order up over here online or find merchandise at some store locations.

How long have you been in business? Is Rotten Robbie franchised or company operated?

All Rotten Robbie Stations are family-owned and operated. We have been operating under the Rotten Robbie name since about 1971, but Robinson Oil Corporation, which owns and operates all of the stations, started business in Watsonville as Mathson Petroleum in the mid 1930s. Feel free to read up on our background under company information.

Why are your prices cheaper than other stations?

We operate on high volumes and low margins. As an independent marketer, we can buy from several different refiners and we always try to buy at the most advantageous price.

Is Rotten Robbie gas the same as the major brands?

Basically, yes. The only difference is the additive that is used. The major refiners each have their own proprietary additive that they use. We use a generic additive that meets all the requirements of The California Air Resources Board (CARB), which are the same standards that the major refiners must also meet. All refiners exchange gasoline with each other and supply gasoline directly or indirectly to independent suppliers like Rotten Robbie. The additive is the last thing that is added to the fuel, which occurs at the time the fuel is loaded into the delivery truck.

When I pay at the pump it asks me to enter my zip code. Isn't it illegal to collect this information in California?

We use your zip code solely for the prevention of credit card fraud by matching it to your billing address during the unattended sale at our automated pumps. This practice is allowed by AB1291. We do not record or retain your zip code for marketing purposes (which is not allowed by AB1291).

If I want to sell my product in your stores, who do I call?

Please contact Jodi Leibowitz at jleibowitz@rottenrobbie.com with any product questions.

How many Rotten Robbie locations are there?

We have 36 locations from Lakeport to Santa Nella, with the highest concentration in the South Bay.

Where does Rotten Robbie get their gas, diesel, or oil from?

The vast majority of the products we buy are refined in one of the five Bay Area refineries (Chevron, Tesoro, Valero, Shell and Conoco-Phillips). We buy directly from these companies and from other sources, who buy from or exchange product with these companies. Most of the crude oil refined in the Bay Area refineries comes from Alaska and California.

How do I check the balance of my Rotten Robbie gift card?

Call 1-866-650-6049 and follow the prompts. The card number is the 19 numbers starting with 6032 on the left on the back of the card. The pin number is the 4 numbers on right on the back of the card. If you have a balance of $10 or less, we will cash out the card for you.